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MAAC Event Details

Event Club Info
Zone: Alberta (Nunavut & NWT)
Sponsor Club: Didsbury R/C Fun Flyers
Event Name: July 1/09
Sanction ID: 2009-115
Event Contact Info
Name: Roger hall
Address: n/a
Telephone Number: (403) 507-2404
Contact Email:
Events Details
Type: Fun Fly
Date: July 1, 2009
Start Time: 10:00:am
Event Length: 1 day(s)
Event Entry Fee: $none
Event Site/Field: Didsbury R/C's club field
GPS Coordinates (WGS84):

Event Address/Directions
Follow the signs
Event details
July 1, 2009 Fun Fly sponsored by the Didsbury R/C Fun Flyers. Starts at 10:00 am. All flyers welcome. Concession available. Follow the signs. Contact Roger Hall at (403) 507-2404. Club's website: