Aerobatics & Competition

One of the best ways to improve one's flying skill-sets is to learn how to do aerobatics. People like to watch the coordinated manoeuvres that a fixed wing aircraft or helicopter pilot does. It is entertaining for the watcher and very satisfying for the pilot.

There is a wide variety of competition types, if one is interested in participating in such activity. The activity can vary from flying under a limbo bar, to full aerobatic sequences with smoke. There are opportunities to compete at the local, regional, national and international level. It is all up to the individual to decide what they want to do, if anything at all.

Competition Organization Links

International Miniature Aerobatic Club (IMAC)

The International Radio Controlled Helicopter Association (IRCHA)

Fédération aéronautique internationale (FAI)

Canadian RC Scale

Introduction to RC Scale Aero-Modelling - Video

RC Scale Competition - "The next level of Fun" - Slide Presentation

Introduction to Scale "Fly-Day" - a club activity

Starter Fun Scale Contest - Entry Level event with "Optional Judging"

Canadian RC Scale Rules 2015

Contest Director's Guide

Aero-Modelling Event Promotional Ideas and Fund Raising suggestions

Pilot's Call Sheet

Judge's Work Sheet

Scale Organization Links

Top Gun

U.S. Scale Masters Association

National Association of Scale Aeromodelers

FAI - International Sport Models

Precision Aerobatics


Rule Book

Giant Scale

Safety Guidelines