Radio Spectrum Committee Bulletin

Posted: August 8, 2013

Please note the following:

Canadian law requires that all commercially available radio control systems used in Canada on the license-free bands must be approved by Industry Canada (IC). M.A.A.C. acknowledges that there are some brands commercially available in Canada or through mail order houses that are not approved by IC. In some cases such manufacturers and/or suppliers even affix fake FCC or IC approval stickers to their equipment. All members must realize that use of unapproved equipment while it may not be a safety concern , could result in prosecution under Canadian laws.

Most new radio systems are equipped with Fail safe. Fail safe if setup properly, will shut your motor off or bring it to idle in the event the on-board radio receiver loses the transmitter's radio signal. Please refer to your manual for proper binding and rebinding instructions. To check your failsafe, with your motor running, have someone hold the plane and then shut your transmitter off, your motor should stop or go to idle. If it does not, rebind your receiver with the throttle in the idle or off position.

It is also important to use heavy duty on/off/charge switches. Digital servos draw a great deal of current and the supplied switches with transmitters often will not take the current demanded of the new servos. 5 cell NIMH or NiCad packs are also recommended to use on-bard your aircraft. If running lots of new digital servos, the use of such products as Power Box and or Smart Fly products will ensure safe and trouble free flying.

Thank you,

Mark Betuzzi - Radio Spectrum Chair - M.A.A.C.

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