Zone H - 2015 AZM Minutes "DRAFT"

Posted: October 26, 2015

M.A.A.C BC Coastal (H) AZM Minutes
October 04, 2015 1:00 PM
Select Person to take minutes ZD William Rollins #27460-L Mohammad Alam #24927
Reminder: Sign In & Proxies ZD
Call AZM to order ZD Oct 4 2015, 1pm Sullivan Hall, Surrey Bill thanked everyone for coming to the meeting and Swap Meet it is a great successes.
Establish Quorum ( 5% ) ZD #69 Total Required
Establish Proxies Secretary
Total represented members 239 including proxies Quorum Established
182 proxies, and 17 proxies
40 Members present
Motion to accept Ron Dodd 57326L, Seconded Craig Hyndeman #79438 Carried.
Bill introduced DZD Hartley Hughson #50988, AZD Mo Alam #24927 (Past ZD,) AZD Brad Trent #57584 and Paul Harrison #69120. Bill also thanked all those that came to help with the meeting and hall setup.
Bill asked all members in attendance to introduce themselves. Everyone in the room did so.
Adoption of Agenda as Circulated ZD
Motion to adopt agenda - Hartley Hughson #50988, Seconded Ron Dodd #57326L, Carried
Zone Director's Reports (H) ZD Bill was excited as Zone Junior Membership up 50%
Adoption of previous minutes (H) ZD Brad Trent #57584, and Ron Dodd #57326L
Old Business from previous minutes Members None from previous minutes.

Nominations for Committees Members Committee, Name and MAAC Number
Radio Spectrum: John Neufeld #7227, Don Beatch #51140
Safety: Phil Noel #14670, Larry Rousselle #30252
Electric: Geoffrey Dryer #11745, Robert Fishwick #57583
RC Floatplane: Darren Gauthier# 65093, Walter Reynolds #34853
RC Giant Scale: Dave Collis #37241
RC Helicopter: Phil Noel #14670, Randy Champagne #28741
RC Jet: Kelly Williams #59082 - Chair, Paul Dries #65385, Kevin Forsyth #18218
RC Precision Aerobatics: Hartley Hughson #50988 - Chair, Dave Blaby #74897, Wayne Powell #25886
Control Line Bruce Duncan #1565-L, Henry Hajdik #1712-L
Web Site Davis Swan #91235
ZD Bill advised that everyone from last year that has not said otherwise will remain on the committee's.
Motion to accept: Hartley Hughson #50988, Paul Harrison #69120 Carried
Nominations for Leader Member Members Name and MAAC Number
Nominations for Lifetime Achievement Members Name and MAAC Number
Nominations for Hall of Fame Members Name and MAAC Number
ZD Bill requested that any Resolutions and Recommendations be forwarded to the Constitution Adviser Committee so that the proper legal wording be used. In the past many of these motions from AZM's ended up being turned down because they were not worded correctly, and that it could take a few years to get them right. If the intent of the Motions are taken to the Constitution Advisory Committee for proper wording this would stop this problem.
Everyone agreed.
Resolutions: Members Mover/ Seconded - Result of Vote
Recommendations: Members Mover/ Seconded - Result of Vote
1. Recommended that MAAC offer a Five Year membership option in addition to the existing options of 1 and 3 years.
Rationale: Convenience, and less hassle.
Motion by Paul Harrison #69120, Seconded by Ron Dodd #57326.
Discussion: The expectation is that there would be a price advantage.
There has to be some checks and balances in place to ensure that a junior member cannot buy a 5 year membership during which he/she becomes an open member.
Voted and Carried.
2. Recommended that MAAC divide up the competition support funding over 2 years to balance it out for all contestants, so that each contestant receives the same amount of funds.
Rationale: Currently the funding is divided by the participants each year, if it was over a two year cycle the funding would be divided more fairly.
Motion by Hartley Hughson #50988, Seconded by Brad Trent #57584.
Discussion: Should there be a way to balance the funding based on how far they have to go? (more expensive to go farther!) Roughly how many people go on these trips? Usually 5 or 6 people per team - MAAC only pays for the participants and the Team Manager.
Voted and Carried
3. Recommended that MAAC put the rules back on the website for all of the disciplines, under the appropriate committee pages.
Rationale: Discipline Rules should be in the pages of that committee, so they can be found easily.
Motion by Bruce Duncan #1565, Seconded by Henry Hajdik #1712.
Voted and Carried.
4. Recommended that when the MAAC BOD or Committee edits a document, the appropriate chair and committee members be alerted of those changes.
Rationale: The Committees need to be informed when changes are made to their documents, currently documents are being changed without the knowledge of the committees.
Motion by Robert Fishwick #57583, seconded by Ron Dodd #57326L.
Voted and Carried.
Recommendations Closed.
Zone Director Election William Rollins Elected by Acclamation
Closing Remarks ZD
There will be more operating costs next year, as all costs have gone up, including the preparation of the magazine. There is no money in the budget to handle this, and therefore there may have to be a dues increase in the future. Bill thanked everyone again for coming out and supporting the event, and asked everyone that could to stay and help clean up.
Adjournment Members
Motion to adjourn Larry Rouselle #30252, Ron Dodd #57326L.
Meeting adjourned at 2:35 PM

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