Zone B - Atlantic (B) Annual Zone Meeting Minutes October 25, 2015

Posted: November 14, 2015

October 25, 2015.
Model Aeronautics Association of Canada,
Atlantic (B) Annual Zone Meeting Minutes October 25, 2015.
Moncton Northeast Construction Association
297 Collishaw Street,
Moncton, N.B.

Meeting called to order:

Meeting called to order by Regis Landry at 14:15.


Zone Director Regis Landry.
Deputy Zone Director Cato Hansen.
Assisting Zone Director Sandy McInnis
Fourteen (14) Members.
Three (3) Guests.
Seventy-one (71) Proxies.
For a total of Eighty-five. (85).

Quorum Needed: Twenty-six (26).

Approval of Agenda:

The Agenda was Approved and
Moved by Calvin Martini 40498.
Second by Roger Forgues 9360.
Action: Carried.

Opening Remarks:

Regis Landry then welcomed all members to the meeting and then advised that a Quorum had been reached and the meeting could be continued.
He then introduced the DZD Cato Hansen and AZD Sandy McInnis.
He then asked the members to identify them-self.

Club Reports:

Club report was read by Tommy Wilson representing Riverside Modelling Association on their successful Summer with record turn out but some issues with their field.
Calvin Martini gave a short update on the situation at the last indoor meet at Moncton Coliseum, and is looking forward to the next one. He also issued a wish for some input to make the event more versatile like perhaps indoor aerobatic or what ever as they have access to both halls at the event there.

Approval of the Minutes at the AZM in Truro 2014 :
Moved by Tom Wilson 29501,
Second by Bob Kennedy 75764,
Action: Carried.

Zone Director Report:

The ZD reported on his travel around the Zone and he was very pleased with the attendance in general at all the events and hope that that will continue for next year.
DZD Cato Hansen reported on some of the events that he attended.
AZD Sandy McInnis reported on the Aerobatic flying this season that was well attended by the pilots in the Zone, and it's holding its own and will be continuing again for next year.

Committee Reports:

Calvin Martini reported on his attendance at numerous workshops on UAV and FPV related issues that is an ongoing concern for all members, and he highlighted some of the going on behind the curtains. He also stressed that we should be proud of the involvement of the representation that MAAC has on the TC BOD as they are well respected.
Paul Phillips did a short report on the Safety Committee and some of the concerns that they have regarding the UAV and FPV issues.

New Business:

AZD Sandi McInnis was asked to put forward a proposal from one club in the Zone about reserving a set of dates for their fun flies, and it was rejected by the membership due to open season for all, if you like to get a specific date for your event, you just have to get it registered early.
It was also reported that the Avon Club is looking into starting a Scale event for all types civilian or military next year.
It was also brought up regarding input for the National Magazine and what has to be done to sponsor that and the regional News Letter with more input from the members.


Be it resolved that:
The MAAC Board of Directors would be required to put out to tender any proposed expense that exceeds $5,000.
There is currently no restriction on what the Board may approve and it is felt that MAAC should follow government policy with respect to obtaining tenders.

Moved by Bob Kennedy 75764,
Second by Tom Wilson 29501,
Action: Carried.

Nomination for Zone Director:

There was one Nomination for Zone Director, Regis Landry# 8512L.
Signed by: Alain StGermain# 42714
Second by: Danny Michaud #90575
Being no other nominations,
Regis Landry was re-elected as Zone Director by acclamation.

Action: Carried.

Nominations for Committee Chairman or Committee Members:

UAV: Calvin Martini, 40498. Committee Member.

FPV: Calvin Martini, 40498. Committee Member.

Free Flight Indoors: Tommy Wilson 29501. Committee Member.

Sam/Free Flight: Tommy Wilson 29501. Committee Member.

R/C Helicopter: Rodger Richard 90517.

R/C Float Planes: Cato Hansen, 61451L. Committee Member.

R/C Sailplane: Cato Hansen, 61451L. Committee Member.

Safety: Paul Phillips, 28438L. Committee Member.

Nomination for Hall of Fame Member:

Carl Layden 44045 was nominated to The Hall of Fame by:
Nominated By; Pat Theriault 13878.
Second By; Sandy McInnis 10790.

Conduct any other Business that may properly come before or after the meeting but is not on the Agenda:

It was pointed out to the Zone Director that the Board and Executive were in violation of the Policy Manual for not publishing the Minutes of both the Executive and Board of Director meetings as is required by member approved governance. I, Bob Kennedy was advised by the former President, Claude Melbourne, that 'they' were in the process of updating the website and that was the reason the minutes had not been published. It is now approaching two years since the Quebec AGM where this was made law and in my humble opinion, no longer a valid excuse. The ZD advised that he would look into the issue and report back to us.

Set Future venues for AZM 2014:

No Place for the next venue was put forward, and will be announced later.


There being no further business, the ZD declared the meeting adjourned at 16:17.

Respectfully submitted, Approved by:

Cato Hansen, ____________________ Regis Landry,________________________

Deputy Zone Director. Zone Director

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