Zone B - Annual Zone Meeting Draft Minutes

Posted: October 31, 2016

Model Aeronautics Association of Canada Zone Atlantic B.
Immaculate Conception Church
699 Prince Street. Truro NS
Konsilla Room
October 22, 2016.

Meeting called to order by ZD Regis Landry at 14:09.
Zone Director: Regis Landry. 8512.
Deputy Zone Director: Cato Hansen. 61451.
Assisting Zone Director: Sandy McInnis. 10790.
Former MAAC President, MAAC Hall of Fame, Assisting Zone Director: Carl Layden. 44045.
Life time Member and former MAAC President: Colin Campbell. 13711.
Thirty (30) Members.
One Hundred and Sixty-Four. (164) Proxies.
For a total of One Hundred and Ninety-Four. (194).

Quorum Needed: Twenty-Five. (25).

Approval of Agenda:

The Agenda was Approved and
Moved by: Andrew Colwell 31699.
Second by: Bob Kennedy 75764.
Action: Carried.

Opening Remarks:

Regis Landry then welcomed all members to the meeting and then advised that a Quorum had been reached and the meeting could be continued.
He then introduced the DZD Cato Hansen, AZD Sandy McInnis, AZD Carl Layden and Former President of MAAC and Lifetime Member: Colin Campbell.
He then asked the members to identify them-self.

Approval of the Minutes at the AZM in Moncton, N.B. 2015.

There was no business arising from the 2015 Minutes.

Moved by: Paul Sinnis 79029.
Second by: Charles Sparrow 73033.
Action: Carried.

Zone Director Report:

The ZD reported on his travel around the Zone and he was very pleased with the attendance in general at all the events and he hope that will continue.
We also had a visit from the MAAC President Roger Williams, and on his visit to the Lawrenstown Slope Fest he saw for the first time Slope Soaring, and was very much impressed, he also visited two more clubs before heading over to NL for his presentation to Carl Layden on his achievement to The MAAC Hall of Fame.

Committee Reports:

There was no Committee reports other than some of the members that was currently sitting on some of the committees had no feedback at all. It was suggested that the committee chair contact all members on their committee to make the process work.

New Business:

As per the agenda, a motion was made to remove the Zone Director Regis Landry, and the motion read:
It is moved by Bob Kennedy 75764, and seconded by Mike Dow 42430, that the Zone B Director Regis Landry be removed from office of Zone B Director for failure to comply with MAAC governance as follow:
a. Liaison with club elected MAAC representatives;
b. Failure to reply promptly to requested items as is mandatory by MAAC code of ethics;
c. Failure to support resolutions that have been approved at the annual zone meetings;
d. Failure to comply with MAAC By-Law 13 (a) (II). (It was incorrectly written as 13 (b), but a correction was put forward to the Zone director on the 27 of August 2016 for correction.)

The Zone Director then turned the meeting over to his Deputy Zone Director to avoid conflict of interest. The DZD then asked for calm and orderly response to the motion from the floor. Bob Kennedy 75764, then took the floor to explain his reason for the motion. Then AZD Carl Layden 44045, took the floor to explain the reason why the motion was not binding on the ZD as he was not in failure to comply with MAAC governance, and he explained the reason why. A brief discussion then followed by questions from the members. Being no further discussions the DZD then called for a vote to take place.

For: Two (2).
Against: One hundred and Eighty-two (182).
Abstained: Ten (10).
Motion Denied.
The DZD then welcomed the ZD back, and to take over the meeting.

Two door prices were drawn and AZD Sandy McInnis 10790, won the one year MAAC Membership, and Brian Grey 85311 won the T-shirt.
Coffee, Tea, doughnut's and cookies was then made available.


Be it resolved that:
The MAAC Board of Directors or the Constitution Committee give a detailed feed-back to the Zone members the rational for accepting or denying the Zone Recommendations or Resolutions thereby giving a more transparency to the decision made so the mass of members can understand why their Zone proposal was rejected.

Moved by: Andrew Colwell 31699.
Second by: Bob Kennedy 75764.
Action: Carried.

Nomination for Deputy Zone Director:

There was one Nomination for Deputy Zone Director; Cato Hansen 61451.
Signed by: Terry Gauvin, 11925.
Second by: Jason Aube, 56821.
Being no other nominations,
Cato Hansen was re-elected as Deputy Zone Director by acclamation.

Moved By: Paul Sinnis 79029.
Second By: Mike Dick 63295.
For: 193.
Against: 1.
Action: Carried.

Nominations for Committee Chairman or Committee Members:

UAV: Calvin Martini, 40498. Committee Member.
FPV: Calvin Martini, 40498. Committee Member.
Free Flight Indoors: Tommy Wilson 29501. Committee Member.
Sam/Free Flight: Tommy Wilson 29501. Committee Member.
R/C Float Planes: Cato Hansen, 61451. Committee Member.
R/C Sailplane: Cato Hansen, 61451. Committee Member.
Public Relation: Mike Dow, 42430. Committee Member.
R/C Indoor: Sandy McInnis, 10790, Committee Member.
Andrew Colwell, 31699. Committee Member.
R/C Jets: Mark Ramsay, 50437. Committee Member.
R/C Scale: Carl Layden, 44045. Committee Member.
R/C Scale Aerobatics: Mike Dick, 63295. Committee Member.

Moved By: Andrew Colwell, 31699.
Second By: Bob Kennedy, 75764.
Action: Carried.

Nomination for Leader Members:
Andrew Colwell, 31699.
Brian McKeigan, 9791.

Moved By: Bob Kennedy, 75764.
Second By: Colin Campbell, 13711.
Action: Carried.

Conduct any other Business that may properly come before or after the meeting but is not on the Agenda:
There was one note regarding the election, it be noted that there is a 30 day notice of intention to run for a position, but the current notice of agenda for the meeting is also 30 days before the Zone Meeting, so therefor if the notice is sent out 30 days before the Zone meeting to address the election issue, there is no way anybody can be nominated if no notice is given before the said date. This issue was brought forward to the BD in a recommendation from our Zone before, and we suggested that the notice of agenda for the Zone meeting should be increased to 45 days to address this or other issues that would be on the agenda.
It was also pointed out that the members would like more information as soon as it is available in a mass mailing regarding Transport Canada ruling on the Multi Rotor issues that is currently going on and any other important issues involving our organization.
The ZD also reminded the clubs to register their event as soon as possible to avoid conflict with other clubs in attracting members to their events.

Set Future venues for AZM 2014:

No Place for the next venue was put forward, and will be announced later.


There being no further business, the ZD declared the meeting adjourned at 16:12.
Moved By: Paul Sinnis, 79029.

Respectfully submitted, DZD Cato Hansen, 61451.
Approved by:
ZD Regis Landry,________________________

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