Zone H - 2016 Annual Zone H Meeting Approved Minutes

Posted: October 30, 2017

M.A.A.C BC Coastal (H) AZM Agenda
October 22, 2016 1:00 PM
Select Person to take minutes ZD Greg Brunt 85362
Reminder: Sign In & Proxies ZD Done
Call AZM to order ZD Oct 22, 16 1:00 pm Bowen Center
Zone Director Bill Rollins 27460 welcomed everyone and thanked them for attending the Annual Zone Meeting. Bill then thanked Greg Brunt 85362, Brian Collican 71694, Leo Katila 35 and Keith Hoelscher 83567 for helping out with everything for the AZM.
Establish Quorum ( 5% ) ZD 64 Required - Quorum Established 166
Establish Proxies Secretary 31 Attending + 135 Proxies = 166
Introductions ZD ZD Bill Introduced
Hartley Hughson 50988 Deputy Zone Director and Precision Aerobatics Chair Keith Bennett 4623 Constitution Advisory Committee Chair Leo Katila 35 Past Zone H Director and Past MAAC Vice President Ken Thomas 8373 Past Zone H Director
ZD Bill once again thanked them all for attending the AZM.
Adoption of Agenda as Circulated ZD Moved by Jim Harris 73591 - Seconded by Leo Katila 35 - Results of Vote Unanimous

Zone Director's Reports (H) ZD
BC Coastal Annual Zone Directors Report
Oct 16, 2016
Hello Everyone
The BC Coastal overall membership is down 5% from this time last year. It seems we are now on a downward membership trend after approx. 5 years of growth in the Zone.
Zone Membership as of October 16, 2016, 46 Junior members and 1279 Open members for a total of 1325.
Last year at this time we had 63 Junior members and 1330 Open members for a total of 1393.
We are currently down 17 Junior members and 51 Open members for a total of 68 members less than last year at this time.
If this continues we will down be approximately 116 members by the end of the year.
I'm not sure why this is because many clubs in the lower mainland have told me that they have room for new members. This has not been the case since the zone boundaries changed.
Other than that I believe the BC Coastal Zone is doing well and has great opportunity for future growth.
Bill Rollins BC Coastal ZD
Adoption of previous minutes (H) ZD Moved by Jim Harris 73591 - Seconded by Barry Burniuk 13566 - Results of Vote Unanimous
Old Business from previous minutes Members None
Advisory Groups BOD Appointed Group, Name and MAAC Number
Constitution Keith Bennett 4623 - CHAIR
Insurance - 30 NONE
Nominations for Committees Members Committee, Name and MAAC Number
Control Line -16 Bruce Duncan 1565
Henry Hajdik 1712
Control Line Prec Aero -27 NONE

Electric -18 Geoffrey Dryer 11745
Robert Fishwick 57583



Free Flight -17 NONE

Free Flight Indoor - 22 NONE

R/C Float Planes - 32 Darren Gautheir 65093
Walter Reynolds 34853

R/C Giant Scale - 23 Dave Collis 37241
R/C Heli - 15 Darren Wiens 79825 CHAIR

Phil Noel 146770

Randy champagne 28741

R/C Indoor - 37 NONE

R/C Jet - 28 Kelly Williams 59082 CHAIR
Paul Dries 65385

Kevin Forsyth 18218

R/C Multi Rotor NONE

R/C Open Combat - 33 NONE

R/C Prec. Aero - 9 See Note Below Hartley Hughson 50988 - Chair
Dave Blaby 74897

Wayne Powell 25886

NOTE: Hartley will only serve as CHAIR if there is no replacement from the AZM's and Committee. He has made his intentions known to the committee and asked for someone else to replace him. He will stand for one more year if nobody else comes forward.

R/C Pylon - 14 NONE

R/C Sailplane - 13 NONE

R/C Scale - 10 NONE

R/C Scale Aero - 11 NONE

R/C Scale Combat - 35 NONE

R/C Scale Sail - 29 NONE


Space Modeling - 31 NONE

Sport Flyers - 44 NONE

Surface Vehicle - n/a NONE

Archives -24 NONE

Beginner - 3 NONE

Business Plan - 39 NONE

Comp. Fund Raise - 7 NONE

Disability Awareness NONE

Flying Fields - 38 NONE

Membership - 40 NONE

Museum - 25 NONE

Noise - 26 NONE

Public Relations - 20 NONE

Radio Spectrum - 4 John Neufeld 7227
Don Beatch 51140

Safety - 6 Phil Noel 14670
Larry Rousselle 30252

Web Site - 42 Davis Swan 91235

Nominations for Leader Member Members Name and MAAC Number
Nominations for Lifetime Achievement Members Name and MAAC Number
Nominations for Hall of Fame Members Name and MAAC Number
Nominations for Pioneer Award Members ZD Bill discussed Pioneer Award
ZD Bill opened discussion on the Pioneer Award and asked that the BC Coastal Zone H approve the nomination for supporting Donald C. Murphy (deceased) for the Pioneer Award. ZD Bill briefly went over the Pioneer Award Submission from Richard Fahey 2961-L for the award. The sponsors for the award are Richard Fahey 2961-L and William Rollins 27460-L. ZD Bill said he was a well deserving candidate and asked for someone to make the motion to accept it.
Moved by Hartley Hughson 50988 - Seconded by Leo Katila 35 - Results of Vote Unanimous
Resolutions and Recommendation Discussion
ZD Bill asked that those that move and second motions and the floor give permission to the Constitution Advisory Committee that would allow them to modify the wording in the Recommendations and Resolutions being put forward at this meeting. ZD Bill said some motions are very complex and could affect many areas of our governance and that making a simple mistake in a motion or not referencing a correct section in our governance could disqualify the motion. ZD Bill said that it was much more important to get the intent of motions discussed and voted on rather than the exact wording, then let the Constitution Advisory Committee (Policy Wonks) figure out the correct wording and sections of our governance to make it happen.
Everyone agreed as long as the intent was not changed.

Resolutions Members Mover/ Seconded - Result of Vote
Resolution 1: Resolved that Policy "7.3.02 Representation" be amended to clearly state that Directors at the Annual General Meeting (AGM) are permitted to vote the weight of their zone with the best interests of their zone whether or not in agreement with the Board of Directors recommendation.
Rationale: The Annual General Meeting is a Members Meeting not a Board of Directors Meeting and as such there should be no implication that a Director is in breach of his fiduciary duty when he votes with the best interests of his zone and or the membership of MAAC in mind at this meeting.
- Moved by - Jim Harris 73591 - Seconded by Barry Burniuk 13566 - Results of Vote - 30 for and 1 abstention
- Motion Carried

Recommendations Members Mover/ Seconded - Result of Vote
Recommendation 1. That the board of directors (and in particular the president) pay more attention to what appears to be out of control spending on the annual general meeting.
Rationale: The writer has AGM costs going back to for 2013 at which time the AGM cost the membership $35500. The stats Canada rate of inflation every year since then has been less than 2%. At that rate the 2016 cost would have been $37700. The final costs at this date have yet to be tabulated, but the writers best information puts the cost at closer to $47700 (and probably more.) That would be an annual rate of increase of 10%. At a time when MAAC membership is in decline every year these kind of cost increases are unsustainable and need to be controlled.
Moved by Leo Katila 35 - Seconded by Brian Collican 71694 - Results of Vote - 30 for and 1 abstention
- Motion Carried

Deputy Zone Director Election Hartley Hughson Elected by Acclamation
Closing Remarks ZD ZD Bill once again thanked - everyone for attending and - wished everyone well.
Adjournment Members ZD Bill asked for a motion for adjournment.
- Motion Moved by Jim Harris 73591 - Seconded by Ken Thomas 8373-L
- Motion Carried 2:15 pm

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