Zone H - DRAFT 2017 Annual Zone H Meeting Minutes Draft

Posted: October 30, 2017

M.A.A.C. British Columbia Coastal (H) AZM Minutes
Sullivan Hall 6306-152nd Street Surrey, B.C.
October 22, 2017 1:00 PM
Minutes recorded by Larry Rousselle 30252-L
A Quorum (minimum of 64 required) was confirmed with 29 members in attendance plus 112 Proxies for a total of 141.

ZD Bill Rollins 27460-L welcomed everyone and thanked them for attending the AZM.
Thanks went to those helping out with the AZM and the attendees introduced themselves.
Deputy ZD Harley Hughson 50988, Assistant ZD Paul Harrison 69120 as well as Vic Palermo 82818 were also introduced.
The adoption of the Agenda as circulated : Moved by Harley Hughson 50988-L Seconded by Ron Jupp 8322. Carried
Bill Rollins reviewed the Zone Director's Report (H) that had been circulated.
2017 BC Coastal Zone Director Report
Hello Everyone
The BC Coastal Zone's membership is up 3% or 44 members over what it was at time last year. We currently have 52 Junior and 1317 open for a total of 1369 members. The 2016 yearend membership was 1381 so hopefully we will continue to see some positive growth for 2017.
Gabriola Island, Pender Island, Salt Spring Island and Broken Props have all been "club / non clubs" for years but have decided to become affiliate members because of the Transport Canada Regulations. The Aldergrove Taildraggers and the VicFlyers have formed affiliate MAAC Clubs and are working towards acquiring flying sites.
The BC Coastal zone has a had a few field issues over this past year but all seem to have been dealt effectively by the clubs executive committees.
The MAAC Committees and Board of Directors have been very active this past year both in their zones and on the ongoing MAAC Strategic Business Plan, Transport Canada Regulations and the influx of membership and rules and regulations pertaining to Muli-Rotor model aircraft.
We believe that 2018 will be a very exciting year for MAAC, and that all the positive work that has been done by all involved will make our hobby grow and help us become more inclusive across Canada. Cheers Bill Rollins MAAC 27460-L ZD-H

Adoption of previous minutes (H) Moved by Bruce Duncan 1565-L Seconded by Paul Dries 65385-L. Carried
Advisory Groups BOD Appointed Group, Name and MAAC Number
Constitution Keith Bennett 4623 - CHAIR
Insurance - 30 Larry Rousselle 30252-L
Nominations for Committees Members Committee, Name and MAAC Number
Control Line -16 Bruce Duncan 1565-L
Henry Hajdik 1712-L
Control Line Precision Aero -27 NONE

Electric -18 Geoffrey Dryer 11745


FPV -45 Dick Grattan 86686

Free Flight -17 NONE

Free Flight Indoor - 22 NONE

R/C Float Planes - 32 Darren Gauthier 65093
Walter Reynolds 34853

R/C Giant Scale - 23 Dave Collis 37241
R/C Heli - 15 Darren Wiens 79825 CHAIR

Phil Noel 14670-L

Randy champagne 28741

R/C Indoor - 37 NONE

R/C Jet - 28
Paul Dries 65385

R/C Multi Rotor Dick Grattan 86686

R/C Open Combat - 33 NONE

R/C Prec. Aero - 9 Harley Hughson 50988
Dave Blaby 74897

R/C Pylon - 14 NONE

R/C Sailplane - 13 NONE

R/C Scale - 10 NONE

R/C Scale Aero - 11 NONE

R/C Scale Combat - 35 NONE

R/C Scale Sail - 29 NONE


Space Modeling - 31 NONE

Sport Flyers - 44 NONE

Surface Vehicle - n/a NONE

Archives -24 NONE

Beginner - 3 NONE

Business Plan - 39 NONE

Comp. Fund Raise - 7 NONE

Disability Awareness NONE

Flying Fields - 38 NONE

Membership - 40 NONE

Museum - 25 NONE

Noise - 26 NONE

Public Relations - 20 NONE

Radio Spectrum - 4 John Neufeld 7227
Don Beatch 51140

Safety - 6 Phil Noel 14670-L

Web Site - 42 Davis Swan 91235
Resolutions , Recommendations and Directives:
ZD Bill Rollins explained to everyone the differences between Resolutions and Recommendations and that the way we have traditionally brought Resolutions to the floor of our Annual Zone Meetings is under review and probably will change for the next AZM.
ZD Bill Rollins requested that any Resolutions and Recommendations be forwarded to the Constitution Adviser Committee so that the proper legal wording be used. In the past many of these motions from AZM's ended up being turned down because they were not worded correctly, and that it could take a few years to get them right. If the intent of the Motions are taken to the Constitution Advisory Committee for proper wording this would stop this problem.
Everyone agreed.
1- That the name of Zone H be changed from BC Coastal Zone H to "South West British Columbia" Zone H.
Moved by Larry Lewin 10275,
Seconded by Bruce Duncan 15650-L,
Carried - Unanimous
1- That MAAC offers a 5 year membership at a reduced rate.
Moved by Paul Harrison 69120
Seconded by Geoff Dryer 11745
Carried - Unanimous
2- That a MAAC Club's Main field location be named instead of the Club Contacts location (City address) on the "View the Clubs affiliated with MAAC" web page.
Moved by Larry Rousselle 30252-L
Seconded by Ian Munro 89777
Carried - Unanimous
There was much discussion and a defeated recommendation on the formation of a Front End Website Committee to work with the Back End Website Database Committee. The discussion ended up being a "Directive" from the membership for Zone Director Bill to discuss the issues with the MAAC Executive Committee and the Website Chair.
This directive had unanimous support from the membership.
Zone Director Election:
William Rollins 27460-L Elected by Acclamation
Zone Director Bill Rollins thanked everyone for their continued support for him as Zone Director. And once again thanked everyone for attending.
Draw for Prizes: Everyone in attendance received a MAAC Mug or a MAAC Hat.
Motion to Adjourn the meeting:
Moved by Ian Munro 89777
Seconded by Harley Hughson 50988-L
Adjournment at 3:05PM

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