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Club Order Form

Click here to download the MAAC Club Order Form.

  • If paying by cheque, mail the completed order form to the address shown at the bottom of the order form, along with a cheque payable to MAAC.
  • If paying by credit card, the form may be completed and faxed to the number shown at the bottom of the order form.

Please note that the shipping cost and GST/HST will be added to the order. Please call our office toll free at 1-855-FLY-MAAC (1-855-359-6222) for prices.

MAAC Wings

Metal Pins

Silver Pilot Pin $8.10
Gold Instructor Pin $5.90

Plastic Red with White Letters

Pilot Wing $5.30
Instructor Wing $5.30
Glider Pilot Wing $5.30
Helicopter Wing $5.30
Float Pilot Wing $5.30

Plastic Red with Silver Overlay

Show Pilot Wing $1.20
Combat Pilot Wing $1.20

Note: Red with Silver Overlay wings are being replaced with red & white as stock depletes, cost $5.30 each.

Wings are sold to Club Executives ONLY!


MAAC Flag (27" x 53") $31.50

MAAC Windsock

MAAC Windsock (6" x 62") $15.75

Frequency Board

Frequency Board (14" x 36") $3.00

Black and White with adhesive back.

Warning Sign

Warning Sign (11" x 27") $2.95