MAAC General Merchandise

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General Order Form

Click here to download the MAAC General Order Form.
The order form is also supplied in the Model Aviation Canada magazine.

  • If paying by cheque, mail the completed order form to the address shown at the bottom of the order form, along with a cheque payable to MAAC.
  • If paying by credit card, the form may be completed and faxed to the number shown at the bottom of the order form.

Please note that the shipping cost and GST/HST will be added to the order. Please call our office toll free at 1-855-FLY-MAAC (1-855-359-6222) for prices.

MAAC Wings Decals

Wings Decal - Small (92mm x 35mm) $0.30
Wings Decal - Medium (160mm x 63mm) $0.30
Wings Decal - Large (210mm x 82mm) $0.30
Set of all three (1 each) $0.90
Window Decal - Large $0.50

MAAC Tri-colour Round Decal

Tri-colour Round Decal (92mm x 82mm) $0.35

MAAC Brass Lapel Pin

Brass Lapel Pin (22mm wide) $2.50

MAAC Tri-Colour Plastic Pin

Tri-Colour Pin (27mm wide) $0.95

MAAC Plastic Hat Pins

Hat Pin (27mm wide) $2.80

These are available with the following engraving options:

  • Pattern Pilot
  • Speed Pilot
  • Combat Pilot
  • R/C Widow
  • Engine Collector
  • Soaring Pilot
  • Sport Pilot
  • Stunt Pilot
  • Free Flight Pilot
  • Pylon Racer
  • Scale Pilot
  • Old Timer Pilot
  • Quarter Scaler
  • Chopper Pilot
  • Rat Racer
  • I Fly R/C
  • Model Wife
  • Chief Mechanic

MAAC Plastic Name Badge

Name Badge (76mm x 40mm) $5.25

Please indicate your name as you would like it to appear and your location, club, etc for engraving. (May take up to 12 weeks for processing).

MAAC Embroidered Crest

Crest (111mm x 63mm) $1.00

Cub Kit

Cub Kit (minimum 5) $2.75

The MAAC Cub is a small stick-and-tissue, rubber powered, free flight model that is ideal for introducing young people into aeromodeling. The tissue is pre-printed with the MAAC logo and when constructed, these planes fly great!


Medallion - Gold $2.90
Medallion - Silver $2.90
Medallion - Bronze $2.90

MAAC medallions are suitable for presenting as competition awards.

MAAC Ring - 10K Gold

MAAC Ring Please call for current pricing

Please specify size when ordering.

MAAC Bumper Sticker

Bumper Sticker $1.40

Frequency Board

Frequency Board (14" x 36") $3.00

Black and White with adhesive back.

Warning Sign

Warning Sign (11" x 27") $2.95