Zone A - Aerotow & Sailplane Weekend

All sailplanes welcome: Radians thru large scale. Aerotow focus but room for all! But winch use will be limited if any at all due to aerotow operations.

IMPORTANT NOTE: We have Class E airspace floor starting at 1000’ above the CARFF field. There is no way to legally enter classified airspace under the MAAC/TC exemption. So ALL flights must remain below 1000’AGL.
Telemetry altitude warning is strongly recommended.

Free dry camping on site, no landing fees, bring your own lunches etc. We provide tugs.

More info:

No. de sanction: 2022-949
Type d'événement: Festivol ('Fun Fly')
Date: 14 mai, 2022 au 15 mai, 2022
Heure: 10h00 à 16h30
Coût: 0.00 $
Directeur(trice) de l'événement: ERALDO POMARE (No. MAAC: 34361 CD)
Personne contact: ERALDO POMARE (No. MAAC: 34361 CD)
Téléphone: 403-343-2072
Cellulaire: 403-597-2699

Lieu de l'événement

Champ de vol: 7.5 KMS E OF HWY 2 ON TOWNSHIP ROAD 374
Coordonnées GPS: 52.202915, -113.706037
Type de champ: Piste terrestre pour téléguidé

Field Enlarged.pdf

Flight Zone PDF.pdf

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