Zone B - Draft Minutes AZM 2020.

Affiché : 27 octobre, 2020


Atlantic (B) Annual Zone Meeting.

Inn on Prince. 437 Prince Street. Truro NS.
(October 17/2020 1:30pm)
October 17, 2020.

Meeting Called to order

Meeting called to order by Zone Director, Cato Hansen 61451-L at 13:30.
Recording Secretary: Deputy Zone Director, Jon Eastman 29972.


Zone Director: Cato Hansen 61451-L.
Deputy Zone Director: Jon Eastman 29972.
Assisting Zone Director: Sandy McInnis 10790-L.
Nine (9) members.
Thirty-seven (37) Proxies.
A total of forty-six (46).
Quorum needed: Twenty-Five (25).

Opening Remarks

Cato Hansen 61451-L-ZD welcomed everyone to the AZM and then advised that a Quorum had been reached and the annual meeting could continue. Cato also advised that going forward if you had anything to be brought forward to the meeting it had to be in 30 days prior to the meeting. This rule has now changed to 40 days in 2020, starting in 2021, ZD and DZD nomination are also going to be 40 days, the reason for being 30 days this year was due to the Covid as no AGM was held to ratify that change.

Club Reports

Paul Sinnis 79029 reported on the New Glasgow club. The club is doing well and have 4 new members this year. He also talked about the slow season they had due to Covid. There will not be any indoor flying this upcoming season also due to Covid. He reported that they had discussions with the neighboring jail on the topic of drones and how that can lead to locking the prison down. The club suggested that the prison talk to the manufacturers (such as DJI) and have themselves put on the no-fly zone.

Sandy McInnis 10790-L-AZD reported on the Avon club. They had lots of indoor flying over the past winter and that it had just wrapped up before Covid came into full swing. They are planning to have the indoor this upcoming season. Their main field opened gradually as the restrictions started to lift in June and that they have been very careful and maintain social distancing. The club is doing very well with 49 members now.
Charles Sparrow 73033 reported on the MAST club. They have been flying under Covid rules since late June, and there was lots of turbine flying from the field this summer and that the club is very happy with this. They have 25 members now and gained 4 new members this season. They have been having their monthly meetings using Zoom and its been working great for them. At the present time there is no indoor flying this winter, but they are looking for new places to fly.

Kevin McKay 35703 reported on the Shearwater club. The club was not able to fly at all this season due to the military rules during Covid. Kevin is currently working with the military to hopefully get all the proper paperwork in so that they can fly next spring. There will not be any indoor flying this season. The club currently has 14 members.

Cato Hansen 61451-L- ZD reported on the Saint John club. They started flying in late June after the restrictions started to lift. There has also been some slope soaring this summer as well. The club has purchased a new lawnmower and the membership is about the same as years past. There will not be any indoor flying this season due to Covid as they are usually flying from Saint John High school gymnasium.

Approval of the AZM Minutes 2019

Moved by Sandy McInnis 10790-L.
Seconded by Charles Sparrow 73033.
Action: Carried.

Zone Director Report

This report runs from the last Zone meeting we had on September 28, 2019. Since then I have sent out 62 e-blast to all the members, covering members from 2018, 2019 and 2020. Al Eastman has produced 13 News Letters, and we are all grateful for his tremendous effort, in saying that, if it was not for you the member, we wouldn’t have anything as the role of the editor don’t take long to dry up without your input.
Our Newsletter was also sent to all the Zone Directors and about a dozen members outside of our Zone aside from that, that have requested for me to send to them direct. You should all be enormously proud of what we have here, and we are the only Zone that has a NL produced for its members.
This has been a year to remember for a long time to come, the only good thing that came out of this is that my car has got a long rest as there was no events to cover. For personal reason I could not even think about traveling around, that was one of the reasons that I did not go to the Greenwood event, but our DZD Jon covered for me.
This year on the Board of Directors, it has been another busy year, it is almost as if I was back to work, we have had 29 online meetings and they are usually every Monday night unless there is a holiday or something else. We have also exchanged 2856 e-mails since middle of February, as my e-mails before that got lost in the exchange of a new laptop.
The Zone membership this year as of October 16, 2020 is 15 juniors and 476 open members for a total of 491, and that is only 5 less than 2019, so we did not do too bad.
Your Zone sponsored only two events this year, and we sent donation to two of our members that passed away. If or when one of our members pass away, you must let me know if we are to honor their memory.
I had only one trip to a club on some clarifications of the new rules, so if you have any problems with the new rules, I’m here to help any time.

Committee Reports

Electric Indoor Committee report was presented by Sandy McInnis 10790-L.

New Business

There was no new business presented.



There were no recommendations.


There were no Resolutions.

Nomination for Deputy Zone Director

There was only one nomination for Deputy Zone Director, Jon Eastman 29972 was elected Deputy Zone Director by acclamation for another two-year term.

Moved by Sandy McInnis 10790-L.
Seconded by Charles Sparrow 73033.
Action: Carried.

There were no nominations for Leader Member.

There were no nominations for Hall of Fame.

There were no nominations for Pioneers.

There were no nominations for Lifetime Achievement.

Volunteers for MAAC Committee.

R/C Indoor electric:
Sandy McInnis 10790-L. AZD.
Andrew Colwell, 31699-L.

Flight Training:
Jim Lloyd, 41556-L.

Calvin Martini, 40498-L. AZD.

Free Flight Indoor:
Thomas Wilson, 29501-L.

SAM/Free Flight Outdoor:
John O’Sullivan, 5401-L.

There was no other business that may properly come before or after the meeting but not on the agenda.

The location and the date for the 2021 AZM has not been set and will be announced at a later date.

The meeting was adjourned at 3:30pm
Moved by Kevin McKay 35703.
Seconded by Sandy McInnis 10790-L-AZD.

Recording Secretary: Jon Eastman 29972-DZD.

Signed by
Cato Hansen, ZD Atlantic Zone B.

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