Zone B - Draft Zone B Minutes 2017

Publié: 05 novembre, 2017

October 14, 2017.
Model Aeronautics Association of Canada,
Atlantic (B) Annual Zone Meeting Minutes October 14, 2017.
Immaculate Conception Church,
699 Prince Street, Truro N.S.

Meeting called to order:

Meeting called to order by Regis Landry at 13:46.
Recording Secretary: Cato Hansen.

Zone Director: Regis Landry 8512L.
Deputy Zone Director: Cato Hansen 61451L.
Assisting Zone Director: Sandy McInnis 10790L.
Ten (10) Members.
Thirtyfive (35) Proxies.
For a total of Fortyfive (45).
One (1) Guest.

Quorum Needed: Twenty-seven (27).

Approval of Agenda:

The Agenda was Approved and
Moved by Calvin Martini, 40498.
Second by Sandy McInnis, 10790L.
Action: Carried.

Opening Remarks:

Regis Landry then welcomed all members to the meeting and then advised that a Quorum had been reached and the meeting could be continued.
He then introduced the DZD Cato Hansen, AZD Sandy McInnis and former Zone Director William (Bill) MacCulloch.
He then asked the members to identify them-self.

Club Reports:

Club report was read by Calvin Martini on their successful Hillsborough Fun fly and FPV Racing, They also had 6 FPV Races this year with record turnout, and Calvin also reported on their build and fly FPV racers project with Moncton High School.
Cato Hansen reported on the Saint John Model Flying Club, and on their Annual Float Fly.
Sandy McInnis reported on the Reopen Scale event that was originally started as Ches Lockhart Memorial Scale event, with the Ches Lockhart Memorial Cup as trophy, and it was hosted by Avon Flyers this year, and they hope to continue it onward as they had 36 registered pilots.
Vic Ruzgys reported on a successful Lawrencetown Slope Fest after it was cancelled two times, and all their flying in the HEFA club.
John O'Sullivan reported that HEFA club is also in the final approval for a possible Glider Field set-up on a Sod Farm in Lants, N.S.
Bill MacCulloch reported on a great season with record attendance in the Northumberland Area, and they also have a new club Field in the River John area.

Approval of the AZM Minutes 2016:
Moved by Sandy McInnis 10790L.
Second by Bill MacCulloch 11279L.
Action: Carried.

Zone Director Report:

The ZD reported on his travel around the Zone, and started with the AGM in Halifax N.S. that was hosted by our Zone and a big thank you to all the members that contributed to the great success. Down to Margaree Fun Fly in Cape Breton which is always a great place to fly for all the members with a full size Runway, and some members come as early as a week before the event. Then on to the War Bird Event that the Truro Club hosted, sponsored by the ZD, a great success again this year even as we had to reschedule it. Amongst other events in the zone he also attended the Annual Fun Fly in Edmundston hosted by LES AILES DU MADAWASKA, and down to Wings of Wellington for their annual October Fest Fun fly. All in all a great season for the Zone, with the Club Events totaling almost 50 divided up by 27 clubs reporting high attendance all through the Zone. He also stated that this was his final term as Zone Director after 12 years, so it's time to take a rest and build a plane and maybe enjoy my motorbike.

Committee Reports:

Calvin Martini reported on their action on the FPV Committee, and here is a summary of their report:

FPV Safety Update Summary
Fall, 2017
In September, the MAAC Board of Directors approved a significant FPV Safety Policy update which the FPV, Multirotor and Safety Committees developed over the spring and summer Months. This process involved many drafts, meetings and compromise in order to achieve a broad consensus and produce the final package. A summary of the documents follows.
MSD 08 - Use of First Person Devices:
This is a newly updated version of the document which defines the safety rules for FPV flying. It represents a significant shift towards aligning safety rules for FPV and general policy and from restriction to a conditional approach relying on pilot judgement for risk evaluation and mitigation. Instead of defining broadly applicable distance limits, it recognizes the unique characteristics of each flying site and relies on site specific site plans. The use of spotter becomes conditional upon risk, making solo FPV piloting in certain low risk situations.
MSD 24 - First Person View (FPV) Racing Rules:
This is a new document which provides basic safety guidelines for FPV racing of any type. It is intended to be enabling rather than restrictive. It defines FPV racing, general safety considerations and classes for purposes of determining distance buffers.
MSD 07 - Need for and Duties of Spotters and Helpers:
This is a minor update which removes the redundant and mandatory spotter requirements for FPV flying in order to rely on the FPV specific policy.
MAP 4 - Duties of a Spotter:
This is a minor update which adds the duty of a spotter to "monitor the overall flying area and warn the pilot of any dangers, such as a person on the flying field or entering the flight zone"
MPPD 9 - Risk Mitigations, Strategies and Considerations:
This is an entirely new document which applies to all flying types and provides strategies and considerations for evaluating and mitigating safety risk.
MAP 9 - Flying First Person View (FPV):
This advisory document is considered in need of complete revision and was not included in the package at this time. The FPV Committee is in the process of preparing a submission for consideration at a later date. As an advisory document, it inherently is considered to contain only non-mandatory information.

Electric Indoor Committee report was presented by Sandy McInnis.

Sailplane Committee Report was presented by Cato Hansen and it was reported that a great amount of work is on the agenda for the next coming months.

There was no new Business.


There were no Recommendations.

There were no Resolutions.

Nomination for Zone Director:

There was one nomination for Zone Director dated June 17, 2017.
Cato Hansen 61451L was Nominated by Sandy McInnes10790L and Second by Glen Miller 26354.
It was moved by Sandy McInnes 10790L
Second by Stephanie Laffin 92671
That Cato Hansen 61451L is elected Zone Director by acclamation.

Nomination for Leading Member:

There was three (3) nominations for Leading Member: Jeremy Dann 33404, John O'Sullivan 5401 and Tommy Wilson 29501 was nominated by Cato Hansen 61451L and Second by Sandy McInnes 10790L.

Nomination for Hall of Fame:

There was one nomination for Hall of Fame, Regis Landry 8512L, nominated by Cato Hansen 61451L and Second by Sandy McInnes 10790L.

Nominations for Committee Chairman or Committee Members:

Free Flight Sam:
John O'Sullivan 5401 Committee Member.

Free Flight Indoor:
Thomas Wilson 29501 Committee Member.

First Person View (FPV):
Calvin Martini 40498 Committee Chairman.

R/C Indoor Electric:
Sandy McInnes 10790 Committee Member.

R/C Sailplane:
Cato Hansen 61451L Committee Chairman.

There was no other Business that may properly come before or after the meeting but not on the agenda.

Future Venue for AZM 2018 to be announced at a later date.

The Meeting was adjourned at 15:12
Moved by Sandy McInnes 10790L.
Action Carried.

Recording Secretary: ZD Cato Hansen.

Outgoing ZD: Regis Landry.

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