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Bon de commande générale

Click here to download the MAAC General Order Form.
The order form is also supplied in the Model Aviation Canada magazine.

  • If paying by cheque, mail the completed order form to the address shown at the bottom of the order form, along with a cheque payable to MAAC.
  • If paying by credit card, the form may be completed and faxed to the number shown at the bottom of the order form.

Please note that the shipping cost and GST/HST will be added to the order. Please call our office toll free at 1-855-FLY-MAAC (1-855-359-6222) for prices.

MAAC Wings Decals

Wings - Small (92mm x 35mm) 0,30 $
Wings - Medium (160mm x 63mm) 0,30 $
Wings - Large (210mm x 82mm) 0,30 $
Set of all three (1 each) 0,90 $
Window Decal - Large 0,50 $

Cercle MAAC tricolore

Cercle MAAC tricolore (92mm x 82mm) 0,35 $

Épingle en cuivre

Épingle en cuivre (22mm large) 2,50 $

Épingles tricolore en plastique

Épingle tricolore (27mm large) 0,95 $

Épingles à chapeau

Épingle à chapeau (27mm large) 2,80 $

These are available with the following engraving options:

  • Pattern Pilot
  • Speed Pilot
  • Combat Pilot
  • R/C Widow
  • Engine Collector
  • Soaring Pilot
  • Sport Pilot
  • Stunt Pilot
  • Free Flight Pilot
  • Pylon Racer
  • Scale Pilot
  • Old Timer Pilot
  • Quarter Scaler
  • Chopper Pilot
  • Rat Racer
  • I Fly R/C
  • Model Wife
  • Chief Mechanic

Insigne de nom en plastique

Insigne de nom (76mm x 40mm) 5,25 $

Please indicate your name as you would like it to appear and your location, club, etc for engraving. (May take up to 12 weeks for processing).

Écusson brodé

Écusson (111mm x 63mm) 1,00 $

Cub Kit

Cub Kit (minimum 5) 2,75 $

The MAAC Cub is a small stick-and-tissue, rubber powered, free flight model that is ideal for introducing young people into aeromodeling. The tissue is pre-printed with the MAAC logo and when constructed, these planes fly great!


Médaillon - Or 2,90 $
Médaillon - Argent 2,90 $
Médaillon - Bronze 2,90 $

MAAC medallions are suitable for presenting as competition awards.

Bague en or 10k

Bague Contactez-nous pour le prix courant

Veuillez spécifier la grandeur.

Autocollant pour pare-choc

Autocollant pour pare-choc 1,40 $

Tableau de fréquences

Tableau de fréquences (14" x 36") 3,00 $

Black and White with adhesive back.

Pancarte d'avertissement

Pancarte d'avertissement (11" x 27") 2,95 $