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Rivka Neal came to work for MAAC full time in December 2011 as our Bilingual Reception and Membership staff member. As part of her responsibilities Rivka handles all reception, member, club and event matters as well as assisting with other administrative needs. She has been well received by the board and members and is a welcome addition to our head office staff.



Retired January 6, 2022

Linda is the Secretary-Treasurer/Office Manager of the association and has been working for MAAC since 1978. She has seen the office grow from a cramped rented corner with two employees to a busy headquarters in a condo owned by the organization that houses not only the office but an archives on the upper floor (upper floor is not wheel chair accessible). Originally from New Brunswick, Linda has lived in Southern Ontario since 1965.

As Office Manager, she carries such responsibilities as hiring and training of new staff, assistance to the president, zone directors and various committees, FAI matters within the office and basically oversees all aspects of the running of the Association office. As Treasurer she carries such responsibilities as bookkeeping and financial matters of the organization, as Secretary she helps to organize, attends and records minutes for all AGM, Executive and Board meetings.

Linda always welcomes emails, phone calls from the members and will assist in any way that she can. Typically Linda is available Monday through Thursday and is not in the office on Fridays.
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