Aerotowing in Canada

June 10, 2012

Questions, Answers, Websites

Aerotowing has gained in popularity in the past ten decade or two. It was given a separate interest category chairman and committee in the 80's. from the R/C Sailplane category. This afforded the opportunity to formulate a set of rules and field safety procedures that would standardize the aero-towing events. Various types of events have been held throughout Canada with great success; however, the fun-fly events have proved to be the most popular. This information has been complied with input from various sources to help those who might be Interested to "get off the ground".

The personal computer has taken over much of the work of providing us with information on Aerotowing. There are hundreds of sites that address our hobby but few that are dedicated to scale sailplanes and aerotowing Most of the questions can be answered by navigating these sites. A word of caution: some of the sites have not been updated and maybe offline in the future.

The main sites for information are as follows:

Hopefully these sites will provide the modeler with the right kind of information. If there are more questions that are not answered adequately; then please email the committee chairman for assistance or send him a letter outlining the problem. Glad to help out the newcomer to the art of aerotowing scale gliders!

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