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Type: Land based RC

50.517482, -104.481900

Leave Regina from McDonald Street and Ring Road overpass. Heading North on McDonald Street you will pass the Regina oil upgrader and the road will curve to the right and head East. Continue on this road as you pass the city landfill and the Regina correctional center until you come to an intersection that has the CBC radio tower to the right side. From the Ring Road overpass this should be 6 Kms. Now you will turn Left and continue 3.3 Kms to the North, you will pass the Tor Hill Golf Course. The road will switch from pavement to gravel shortly before the intersection. At the intersection you want to turn right (East) and continue 1.6 Kms. You will pass Kings Park Speedway almost after turning and come to Murray Golf course clubhouse at the end of the 1.6 Kms. At this intersection you want to turn left (North) and continue a short .25 Kms to our gate.

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