Safety Advisory Group

Purpose of the Group

To develop, promote, update and distribute Model Aeronautic Association (MAAC) Safety Codes in a clear and concise format to encourage all members and members of the public to experience the enjoyment of any MAAC recognized category model in; a safe and controlled environment.

Group Chair


Zone E
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Group Members
PAUL BRINE FERGUS, ON Zone E Send an email

Corporate Documents

MAAC Glossary of Terms

MAAC NOTAM 2021-01 - MAAC NOTAM Introduction

MAAC NOTAM 2021-02 - MSD25 Update and Clarification

MAAC NOTAM 2021-03 - Desanctioned and Deemed Unsafe Flying Sites

MAAC NOTAM 2021-04 - Requirements for International Visiting Pilots

MAAC NOTAM 2021-05 - Changes to MSD03 MAAC Safety Code

MAAC NOTAM 2022-02 - Suspension of RPAS operation at Oliver Municipal Airport CAU-3

MAAC Safety Document (MSD) 01 - Introduction

MAAC Safety Document (MSD) 02 - Retrieval Key

MAAC Safety Document (MSD) 03 - All Model Aircraft

MAAC Safety Document (MSD) 04 - Free Flight Model Aircraft

MAAC Safety Document (MSD) 05 - Control Line Model Aircraft

MAAC Safety Document (MSD) 06 - General Category R/C Model Aircraft

MAAC Safety Document (MSD) 07 - Need for and Duties of Spotters and Helpers

MAAC Safety Document (MSD) 08 - Use of First Person View Devices

MAAC Safety Document (MSD) 09 - Large Model Aircraft

MAAC Safety Document (MSD) 10 - Jet Turbine Powered Model Aircraft

MAAC Safety Document (MSD) 11 - R/C Night Flying

MAAC Safety Document (MSD) 12 - R/C 3D Aerobatics (airplanes)

MAAC Safety Document (MSD) 13 - All R/C Helicopter

MAAC Safety Document (MSD) 14 - R/C Indoor

MAAC Safety Document (MSD) 15 - R/C Climb and Glide Categories

MAAC Safety Document (MSD) 16 - Space Modeling

MAAC Safety Document (MSD) 17 - Radio Spectrum

MAAC Safety Document (MSD) 18 - R/C Float Plane

MAAC Safety Document (MSD) 19 - Small Park Flyers / Park Flying

MAAC Safety Document (MSD) 20 - R/C Precision Aerobatics

MAAC Safety Document (MSD) 21 - R/C Pylon Racing

MAAC Safety Document (MSD) 22 - R/C Scale Aerobatics

MAAC Safety Document (MSD) 23 - All Multi-Rotor Model Aircraft

MAAC Safety Document (MSD) 24 – First Person View (FPV) Racing Rules

MAAC Safety Document (MSD) 25 - RPAS Competency Demonstration Requirements

MAP 01 - Outdoor Flying Field Guidelines

MAP 01 - T-1 - Flying Field Requirements

MAP 01 - T-2 - Airspace Classifications

MAP 01 - T-5 - Flying From Full Scale Aerodromes

MAP 01 - T-6 - General Flying Field Setup and Best Practices

MAP 03 - Helpful Suggestion for the Operation of R/C General Category Model Aircraft

MAP 04 - Duties of a Spotter

MAP 05 - Duties of a Helper

MAP 06 - Tips for Operating Electric Powered Models

MAP 07 - Compatibility of R/C Systems of Different Manufacturers and Different Vintages

MAP 08 - Flying R/C Helicopters

MAP 09 - Flying First Person View (FPV)

MAP 10 - R/C General Category Basic Flight Training Course

MAP 11 - Setting the Fail-Safe Feature on Modern R/C Equipment

MPPD 01 - MAAC Policy and Procedures Documents Explained

MPPD 02 - MAAC Sanctioning of an Event

MPPD 03 – MAAC Reportable Occurrence Policy

MPPD 04 - MAAC Insurance Coverage Summarized

MPPD 05 - Responsibilities of a MAAC Club

MPPD 06 - Outdoor Model Aircraft Flying Field Sanctioning and Specifications

MPPD 07 - Supporting and Partnering with Park Fliers

MPPD 08 - Flying on a Commercial SFOC at a MAAC Club Registered Flying Site or MAAC Sanctioned Event

MPPD 09 – Risk Mitigations, Strategies and Considerations

MPPD 10 - MAAC Owner Contact Information on Model Aircraft

MPPD 11 - Compliance Items and Flying Site Status Procedures

MPPD 12 - MAAC Policy and Guidelines for Regulatory Compliance Inspections

MPPD 13 - MAAC Policy and Guidelines for Regulatory Compliance Fines and Findings

MPPD 14 – MAAC Policy for International Visiting Modellers

MPPD 15 MAAC Maximum altitude Policy

Outdoor RPAS Personal Flying Site Survey Checklist

Zone Director Outdoor RPAS Flying Site Survey/Sanction Checklist

MAAC NOTAM - Notice To All Members Join MAAC - Fly With Us

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