Zone M - Southwest Annual Zone Meeting

Southwest Zone Meeting Date: September 24, 2022, 10:00 am is sign in, the meeting starts at 11:00 am

Location: London Model Aircraft Club field, River Road London, LMAC has a great facility with shade and picnic tables, suggest you bring a lawn chair, hat and sunscreen. We will have shelter if it rains. Coffee and snacks plus LUNCH will be served as always, no charge.

As we head into the fall, we return to a focus on MAAC business with the Annual Zone Meetings (AZMs), which are held in September and October. This is your chance as a member to discuss the state of MAAC today, and to provide your ideas on where our organisation should be headed, and how we should get there. These meetings are where you elect your representatives to the Board of Directors, as well electing or appointing the rest of your zone volunteer executive members and committee volunteers.

Members can influence the direction and governance of MAAC by submitting recommendations that will be considered by the board of directors, or by submitting resolutions to change policy and bylaws that will be presented and considered at the MAAC Annual General Meeting in the spring. The first step in that process is for the ideas to be passed by the members at the AZMs.

In the past, member participation was limited, generally, to those who could attend the meetings. In many of our zones, that would mean prohibitive travel costs for some of our members to attend. This, combined with changes to bring our zone meetings into compliance with our bylaws and the Canada Not-for-profit Corporations Act regarding notice of meeting, we have changed our rules around making resolutions or recommendations. These changes will ensure that every member will have a chance to see the motions being brought forward at their AZM and to be able to give their feedback.

Thirty days before each AZM, each member will receive an electronic notice of meeting from their Zone Director that will include the time and date of your Zone Meeting, the agenda, the business items for discussion and the motions to be voted on.

Submitting a Recommendation or Resolution

The AZM dates will be posted both on the MAAC site and in Model Aviation Canada Magazine. In order to be considered at the AZM, recommendations and resolutions need to be submitted to the Zone Director no less than 40 days before the published meeting date so that they can be included in the meeting agenda. Resolutions or recommendations can no longer be accepted from the floor of the meetings.

Preparing Recommendations and Resolutions for submission

This is the link to how recommendations and resolutions are to be written:

The French version of the link is at:

Proxy forms etc.

All the necessary Annual Zone meeting support documents and forms are found at:

The French version of the AZM documents is found at:

You may have to scroll down after the document page opens to see the required documents.

Award nominations

The link to all the information related to award nominations is found at:

The French version of the award documents is found at:

You may have to scroll down after the document page opens to see the required documents.

Thank you,
Frank Klenk

Sanction #: 2022-1150
Event Type: Meeting/Seminar/Clinic
Date: September 24, 2022
Time: 11:00 AM to 2:00 PM
Entry Fee: $0.00
Event Director: FRANK KLENK (MAAC # 32001-L AZD CH CM)
Contact Person: FRANK KLENK (MAAC # 32001-L AZD CH CM)
Contact Cell: 519-550-7955
Contact Email:

Event Location

GPS Coordinates: 42.979096, -81.144296
Airfield Type: Land based RC

LMAC 2023 Registration Club Info. and maps.pdf

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