Identifying Your Airspace


MAAC Members need to be aware of the airspace they are flying in, or under. RPAS WILCO, a new app that helps users identify airspace and document their flying activities, is now available to MAAC members, including a free upgrade to the Pro Version, a value of $36/year, when you use the maacpro Invitation Code when you register.

RPAS WILCO offers site surveys that collect all the information you need about the airspace; weather forecasts and any NAV Canada restrictions. As an official distributor of NAV Canada information, all of RPAS WILCO’s data regarding airspace, NOTAMS, Canadian Flight Supplement listings for Aerodromes, and the aeronautical charts are all kept current for all users.

RPAS WILCO can also help document your flying with the automated site survey, customizable flight checklists, automated flight logs with timestamps, model inventory and maintenance records, and more.

Download the mobile app and register using the maacpro Invitation Code and the email address that is associated with your to get your free upgrade.

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RPAS WILCO - MAAC User Manual (English)

RPAS WILCO - Manuel de l'utilisateur pour MAAC (French)

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