Transcript President Talk December 22

Posted: January 15, 2024

Transcript President Talk December 22

Hello MAAC members well Santa brought me a new gift, a microphone. I hope the
quality is better than it has been in the last couple couple of videos. So I do
apologize for the poor audio quality, hopefully we addressed that.

I want to do a bit of a year-end review and you know I’m not going to hide
Anything. 2023 was probably one of the most challenging that MAAC has ever faced
the directors our committees and of course all the members. We started the
year grounded. Then quickly moved into February where we lost the exemption. At
which point our committees, MAAC board the executive, everyone kicked in high
gear to figure out what's the plan to get everybody back in the air? How do we
do this? How do we accomplish getting everyone compliant with part IX? And give
everybody the guidance they needed to be able to follow the Federal Regulations
Well we kicked into gear and very quickly revised Safety Codes, SOC processes as well as templates for Club rules and things. Started getting those out to clubs. And those clubs that are in uncontrolled airspace started first. We move from uncontrolled
airspace into those that are close to aerodromes those that are on aerodromes but still in uncontrolled airspace.

From there we started getting some SFOCs for the year, an SFOC that allows our American friends to fly in Canada. An SFOC that allows us to host events in Canada. An SFOC that allows us to fly within three nautical miles of a DND base. That got even more clubs back back in the air.

Then shortly after that we got a manufacturer's declaration. This allowed modelers to register their aircraft so that they could fly them in controlled airspace if they have an
advanced certificate. So now we're at a point where if someone does the work and gets
their accreditations you can fly in controlled airspace and have a club there. and things of that nature. So it is possible to have many of the flying freedoms we've always had, back. Yes, I acknowledge there is more work involved, there's paperwork involved. Such
as doing things like site surveys and verifying NOTAMs and things of that nature.
Yes definitely more work, but it is indeed possible to be flying.

We're going to continue working that relationship with Transport Canada and NAV Canada. It is a very solid relationship and my expectation moving in into 2024 is that things are going to improve. That's my expectation, I can't make a promise, but I do have an expectation with the relationship we have with those folks, that things are
going to improve. It's going to take the first quarter of the year. It'll be probably late spring, but look forward to good things in 2024. That's a great time for it to happen because it's MAAC’s 75th anniversary. On that topic start planning your summer events. Start planning that competition. We can host events, that's what the importance of that SFOC was. If you’ve got a fundraiser that you normally host and things of that nature start planning those events. You can go forward with them that's a good thing.

What are we looking forward to in the future well obviously improved flying freedoms.
We continue to work with Transport Canada and NAV Canada and that
relationship is solid. I am expecting things to get better, 2024 is going to be a good year for MAAC! Absolutely! Of that, I have no doubt.

With that I'm going to sign off, wish everyone the very best of the holiday
Season. Regardless of what you your traditions happen to be, whether that's
building model airplanes through this time of year, or if it's playing video
games all night with your friends, going to Mass going to Mosque. Whatever things you do at this time of year and you enjoy with your family or personally enjoy. I do hope that you have the very best of the season and look forward to 2024, because things are going to get better.

All the best.
As always,
Fly Safe & Have Fun.

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