Zone A - 3rd Annual festival of flight

Come one, COME ALL, to our 3rd Annual FESTIVAL OF FLIGHT. As we celebrate all fantastic things flying with our family and friends, so mosey on over to Medicine Hat RCers and see what all the fuss is about.
Camping on site (no hookups), basic washroom, concession and Lunch available for a small sum.
Landing fee of $10 for all pilots flying.
This event is for all types of wonderful flying machines (Jet and retract friendly) 400' paved intersecting runways, with a simulator onsite for those who wish to start somewhere. Hope to see some new faces this year, and Happy safe flying to you all!

No. de sanction: 2021-1386
Type d'événement: Festivol ('Fun Fly')
Date: 18 septembre, 2021 au 19 septembre, 2021
Heure: 09h00 à 18h00
Coût: 10.00 $
Directeur(trice) de l'événement: IAN GRIFFITHS (No. MAAC: 95475)
Personne contact: IAN GRIFFITHS (No. MAAC: 95475)
Cellulaire: 403-952-2791
Site web de l'événement:

Lieu de l'événement

Champ de vol: 5260 BOX SPRINGS RD. NW
Coordonnées GPS: 50.097137, -110.735863
Type de champ: Piste terrestre pour téléguidé

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